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This is our top 10 for educational programmable robots for children 3 years and up. Easy-to-use robots and robotics kits. These are for children to learn robotics, to approach technology actively and to discover the principles of logic and programming before they can even read or write.

Here you’ll find a wonderful range of gift ideas for coding robots and robotics kits to teach kids the basics of coding while keeping them off from tablets or smartphones. There is something for everyone!

Almost all of them are screenless robots! Meet the top 10!

1. Botley 2.0 by Learning Resources

Botley the coding robot by Learning Reesorces | Coding kit to share with siblings and neighbors

Meet Botley, and code for fun! Botley is the newest member of the Learning Resources family. Kids program Botley to perform a sequence of steps as he avoids obstacles, maneuvers courses and moves objects.

Botley is a total winner as it introduces children to a basic understanding of what coding is, which essentially is setting up a discrete series of commands which must be followed in order to reach a specific outcome. Ideal for ages 5+. Meet the new Botley 2.0, even more fun and smarter!

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2. Matatalab Coding Set

Matatalab Robot | Coding through adventures and hands-on play

Matatalab is a new educational robot from a Kickstarter’s campaign in 2017, a screenless coding toy. Instruction blocks are placed on the main control board and when the kid pushes the big orange button, the control tower camera recognizes the blocks and the robot on the mat executes the movements.

Lots of challenges and different ways of playing, combined with kids’ favorite crafts or Lego bricks. The set includes 37 coding blocks with different functions, 1 MatataBot robot, 1 Command tower with an image recognition camera, 1 Control board, 3 Family challenge booklets, 1 double-side game map, Obstacles and Flags. Ideal for age 4+.

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3. Code and Go Robot Mouse by Learning Resources

Code and Go Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set by Learning Resources

Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Kit is a set for home with an educational and very friendly coding robot. It’s an amazing kit, our children love it! As kids learn to program they build key skills that include critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing and coding fundamentals. 

Kids can learn STEAM skills without screens, this coding set includes 16 maze grids, 22 maze walls, 3 tunnels, 30 double-sided coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards, a cheese wedge (that acts a goal for the mouse), and an activity guide to provide a hands-on introduction to coding concepts. Ideal for ages 4+.

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4. Robot DOC by Clementoni

Doc robot by Clementoni Educational and Fun Coding robot toy

Robot Doc will keep up with your kids as they learn: it helps develop logical critical thinking and problem solving skills. It also teaches letters, numbers, colors and animal names. They will learn as they play at coding commands. A really fun challenge for children with evolving challenges.

Program the route, avoid the obstacles, learn from your mistakes and complete the mission. Ideal for ages 4+.

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5. Cubetto by Primo Toys

Cubetto by Primo Toys | Kids Coding without screens Montessori Education

Cubetto is an educational coding toy,  a fantastic product that encourages a real hands-on learning experience without screens. Cubetto combines fun and learning. It is the most-funded Edtech project in Kickstarter history, raising over $2.5m from 10,000+ backers.

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Coding toy Cubetto is a Montessori approved toy, a robot that makes programming accessible to children before they can read or write. We also love it’s an amazing wooden toy, so sturdy!

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6. Lego Duplo Steam or Cargo Train with Color-coded railway by LEGO

Lego Duplo Cargo Train10875 | Coding and STEAM toys for children

Lego, who already have a strong line-up with their robotics sets for children from 6/7 years old (Boost, WeDo 2.0, Mindstorms Robot Inventor), now focuses on younger children.

Your toddler can build the locomotive and more in this exciting train set. The train moves with a Push & Go technology (it’s great and easy for toddlers). But this train set is in this list because children can play with the five Action Bricks, when they add to the tracks and the train pass, the horn sounds, the lights turn on and off, it changes direction and more. Ideal for ages 2-5.

Simple? Yes, but coding concepts are being introduced to 2 years old,  who can understand the cause-effect relationship, formulation of predictions and development of spatial and computational thinking. There are 2 sets:

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7. Code-a-pillar by Fisher Price

Code-a-pillar is Fisher Price’s bet in the sector of robots for children. A reasonably priced toy that is often on sale for less than $50.

Geared to the youngest children (less than 5 years old), it’s a simple toy to learn sequences ideal for children who can not read. You don’t need a screen to control it. Cons: you need lots of space for it to work.

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We also recommend the new screenless coding robot Fisher-Price Code’n Learn Kinderbot. A fun and lovable robot teaches basic coding & engineering concepts. It’s adorable and dances when he wins a challenge.

8. Robot Turtles Coding Game by Think Fun

Robot Turtles by Think Fun | Board game for children learn coding

Robot Turtles is an amazing coding game. Kids as young as 4 will learn the basics of computer programming.  It’s a coding game with great educational value: we love the programming aspect but it also lets younger ones learn directions and orientation. Kids gain confidence as they evolve with each challenge learning programming skills. No reading required and it takes seconds to learn how to play.

A fun and simple game to learn the basics of coding. 2-5 players can play at once.

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3 more screenless coding toys that we love

Kids First Coding & Robotics | No App Needed | Grades K-2 | Intro To Sequences, Loops, Functions, Conditions, Events, Algorithms, Variables | Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner | by Thames & Kosmos
  • Early STEM learning: an introduction to the fundamentals of coding and robotics for grades K-2.
  • Unplugged: no software, apps, or smart devices required!
Mochi Robot: Screenless Coding for Ages 3-9
  • Mochi develops critical thinking and computational logic—100% screen-free!
  • Mochi engages your child in computing and problem-solving through hands-on code, interactive storytelling, and DIY assembly.Children learn at their own pace and challenge themselves by designing their characters, experimenting with coding commands, and exploring new subjects.
Makeblock mTiny Robot Toys for Kids 3-5 Years Old, Remote Control Interactive Emo Robot, Screen-Free Coding Robot for Kids with Programming Card, Gift for Boys and Girls Age 3+
  • Coding for Kids - Get started in no time! mTiny is ready to play out of the box, allowing kids to learn coding effortlessly.
  • Perfect Companion - Beyond a robot toy, mTiny offers abundant emotions, sound effects, cute dress-ups, and a panda look to be the ideal companion for kids

For the last 2 coding toys, you will need an smartphone or tablet. These are coding toys for parents to play with their children.

9. Sphero Star Wars Enabled-droids

bb8 by Sphero | Educational Robot Star Wars

Sphero Star Wars App-Enabled droids are educational and fun robots to share for all the family. BB-8, R2-D2 or R2-Q5 attract even a 2-year-old toddler (we know, we checked with our 2 year old son and it drives him crazy).

We recommend it for children 4 years and up because it is controlled with an smartphone or tablet, so they have to be proficient with it to be able to play. You can do so many things with Sphero’s Star Wars droids that there’s no end to what your children will be able to do. And even more if you add the Force Band bracelet to control it. It is a toy to be shared between parents and children, ideal to have a fun time, to introduce robotics and to learn coding.

Check prices for amazing deals and discounts in Sphero droids:

10. Edison Robot V2.0

Meet Robot Edison v2 | Coding robot for all ages - Works with Lego bricks

Extremely simple to use! A programmable robot perfect for young children, schools or home-schooling!

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Edison Robot is a super affordable educational robot, designed to be a complete STEAM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for kids from 4 to 16 years of age. With the little ones, you can use barcodes and remote-control and explore using pre-set programs, control Edison like a remote-control car, or create your own remote-control programming masterpieces.

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Simple and wonderful Tech toys for kids 2 to 5 years old (or a little older). The idea behind these STEAM toys is to introduce them to technology actively, to learn patterns and to follow instructions while discovering robotics and programming.

Take a look at our Gift Guide for more inspiration and gift ideas! 

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