4 alternatives to Makey Makey - STEAM cool gadgets to boost curiosity and creativity

Makey Makey is a fantastic device that can be used as a controller for games and educational projects. Some years after its release, it is still a very cool technological gadget for school projects, home fun or homeschooling families. We just love Makey Makey!

But, it is not the only option in the market of microcontrollers. You are going to discover 4 substitutes to Makey Makey that also will let kids make a USB controller out of any conductive stuff, like bananas, play dough or a pizza. Just consider any of this STEAM devices for your next project!

With almost exact the same design and functions that the original Makey Makey, there are some clones or counterfeits. These are boards that clone the official board, including the Makey Makey branding (logo and board graphics). The worst? Less guarantee, you know it’s a fake and maybe not the same quality standards and customer service (actually, you won’t find these Makey Makey alternatives on Amazon).

Vilros FunForce Touch Controller

Vilros FunForce Touch Controller - Alternatives to Makey Makey

Vilros is a technological company that offers Raspberry Pi and Arduino Kits and accessories. They also have a Makey Makey clone with a different branding. Just plug, clip, and play! It will be like Makey Makey piano. No programming knowledge needed. But of course, you can code it with Scratch.

THE BEST: The price, it’s a great option if you need the basic functionality of the Makey Makey.
THE WORST: Fewer capabilities (experts will notice them): Only three connections for earth vs six on the original, and you can not remap the keys.


Micro:bit 2.0 Go

A small pocket board that can be programmed in just seconds, giving kids access to incredible maker projects (for educational or fun purpose).

The new Micro:bit 2.0 now includes built-in MEMS microphone, speaker, and touch sensitive logo pin.

If you also buy a pack of test leads with alligator clips, you can make your micro:bit board act like a Makey Makey and play a piano with bananas for less than 30 dollars.

Also, you can use your Micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments (or just use it with your Marty the robot). There is a huge community with ideas, projects and resources.

THE BEST: Micro:bit can act like a Makey Makey, learn Python, Scratch, Arduino, lots of fun projects…
THE WORST: Nothing, we just love the Micro:bit.

We also recommend the Electofreaks packs for Micro:bit (not include Micro:bit and battery)

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Littlebits Rule Your Room

LitteBits Rule Your Room Kit - 4 alternatives to Makey Makey

¿Do you like the Littlebits system? Do you use Littlebits code at school? Littlebits offers a huge variety of cool sets and bits (modules). Rule Your Room kit allows kids to reprogram the world and transform everyday objects into interactive tech inventions, it includes a Makey Makey style-bit.

THE BEST: Mix your set with other Littlebits! This kit makes understanding circuits & conductivity in a fun way! You will be able to create lots of Littlebits Projects! Also, some entertainment with coding.
THE WORST: Fewer outputs that the original Makey Makey.

DIY Makey Makey for less than 3 dollars

There is a 4 step by step project to build your own Makey Makey for just 3 dollars. This project is a very cheap alternative to a brand new Makey Makey device. Great for curious children, school projects and makers. All the info in the Instructables page.

THE BEST: The pleasure of build your own Makey Makey.
THE WORST: Waiting for parts and materials. If you want the cheaper version, you have to buy them in Aliexpress.

Do you prefer a Makey Makey classic or any Makey Makey alternatives? Some differences but both options will you guarantee hours of fun and kids will gain curiosity, confidence and creativity in a active screen time environment.

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