We are Raquel and Daniel, parents of a couple of young children who like playing, like everyone else. We decided to create this page because we love toys, robots and technology and we thought that there should be a place where parents can have guides on which robots and educational toys to buy for their children. We are not teachers and our professions are not related to the world of education or robotics… Our opinions are those of normal parents who are interested in learning about these topics.

So, are STEAM worth it?

We believe that we are heading towards a world in which programming will be a tool as basic and habitual as an office suite. Starting to introduce these concepts as soon as possible is interesting, and more so when you can do it by playing, which is a better way to learn things. We may be mistaken but, in that case, much of the knowledge that our children will have acquired as the ability to structure and solve problems, creativity, tinkering with technology… Will be applicable in other contexts.

Do your children only play with robots?

No, we also play with traditional toys and we always read a story before we put them to sleep.

Do brands pay you anything to publish news about their robots and toys?

Revenues we receive with this page are through purchases made through the affiliate links to Amazon and similar stores. These links do not raise the purchase price to you, but gives us just a small margin that encourages us to continue with the page.

What are sponsored posts?

Brands, stores and companies can send samples and/or ask us to write an article. For these posts we charge an amount or we might get to keep the sample.

We will indicate that the posts are sponsored. But our idea is the same as with the rest of the page: write about products and stores that we like and trust. We don’t depend on brands, and our opinions are ours. Right or wrong. Interested? Contact us by email in info@botsbitsandkids.com

How have we organized the website?

Types of robots

Coding robots

Robots to learn the principles of coding, the most educational robots for home and STEAM. Yes, they’re also for fun.

Robots and Robotic kits

When the child opens the box, there is no robot but a lot of parts, servos and motors. When you finish assembling it, you will find a robot to program.

Recommended age

From 3 years

Introducing robotics to children between 3 to 5 years.

From 6 years

Robots and kits specially recommended for children from 6 to 9 years old.

From 10 years of age

Robots for kids, tweens and teens with more advanced programming and electronics knowledge. Also perfect for adults who want to learn Arduino, robotics or programming.

In addition, there is a category of News where we elaborate on all topics related to educational robotics, apps to learn programing, books about robots, robots that are in project phase…

Social networks

You can follow us on Twitter, where we give all the latest news that we find interesting on educational robotics, Kickstarter projects, robot deals, funny videos (of course about robots!)…

We hope you like Bots, Bits and Kids. For any suggestions or questions, contact us by email in info@botsbitsandkids.com. Before you send us an email, remember that we do not produce or sell robots!