best arduino starter kit for kidsDiscover the best Arduino UNO board for beginners, the best way to start with small projects with your kids (or just for you). There are lots of options!! Yes, we know, it’s difficult to choose one. There are different Arduino UNO kits based on the manufacturers and number of components.

Arduino UNO Boards are perfect for beginners but also for advanced users like Arduino hobbyists or electronic / engineering students.

Official Arduino UNO Starter Kit

An Arduino is a board which is directly supported by the official Arduino IDE, created by authorized manufacturers, it follows the Arduino standard layout and it’s properly documented in website.

Do you need more info? We have an article called: FAQ about Arduino Starter Kits for kids and adults.

Arduino Starter Kit (Original and Official English kit)

The Arduino Starter Kit - Official begginer Arduino UNOThis set is the one created by Arduino. We highly recommend this kit if you are starting with Arduino. It includes everything you need to start programming with the Arduino UNO board, and a guidebook featuring 15 different projects, which are designed to guide the user from beginner to professional level. The instruction booklet is clearly understandable.

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Official Arduino Starter Kit Deluxe Bundle

Official Arduino Starter Kit Deluxe Bundle An amazing starter kit to learn about circuits and electricity. This kit includes the Official Arduino Starter Kit, the book Make: Getting Started with Arduino and a Handy Uno R3 PIN-OUT Chart from Speed Kits. An amazing gift set if you or your kid want to discover Arduino.

Some projects you can build with this set includes a lamp that responds to your touch, a gadget that measure how hot-blooded you are, a Knock Lock to tap out the secret code to open the door or an Spaceship Interface design to use as a control panel for your starship (not included!).

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Arduino UNO Clones: ELEGOO vs Arduino

Arduino UNO clones are allowed to use the name “UNO” but not the Arduino logo since they are not supporting the project. Arduino official boards are the only ones that can legitimately use the Arduino name.

Arduino clones are cheaper than the official ones.

ELEGOO Arduino UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE

Arduino best kits for kids - Elegoo vs ArduinoIt’s the most famous Arduino UNO Starter Kit. It’s 100% compatible with official Arduino software, sensors, modules and codes. There are lots of reviews about this product and a lot of people use it.

​Elegoo UNO is one of the best kits to Learn Electronics and Programming. It includes a free pdf tutorial with 22 projects. This set is an upgraded version and now includes a power supply module, 9V battery with DC. Usually it’s half the price of an official one. Best Arduino UNO Clone!

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Elegoo Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit – The most Complete Starter Kit for Arduino

Arduino best kits for kids - Most complete Arduino kit for kids - Elegoo vs ArduinoThe most complete Elegoo Arduino UNO clone. More than 200 components in a Starter Kit for Arduino. If you are a beginner, in this set you have everything you could want in your projects and to advance with Arduino. The perfect gift for anyone interested in electronics, programming and to discover the Arduino world (teens, grandpa, uncle…).

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Elegoo Arduino Clones

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