Gone are the days when parents used to be worried about the whereabouts and safety of their kids. Thanks to kids smartwatch with GPS, now parents can track the location of their children easily through a mobile application paired with their smartphones.

A number of kids smartwatches are available in the market that offer parents the peace of mind, and children a variety of features ranging from two way calling facility and games, to a camera and video recording option as well.

Best Kids’ Smartwatch At A Glance

The main purpose of a GPS smartwatch for kids is to locate and track their location. A kid gps tracker watch can be paired with a mobile phone. This way the parents can monitor where their children are at the moment. Due to the rising concerns about child security in the modern era, it is needless to say that GPS smartwatches are nothing but a blessing in disguise.

There are different variations of this product available in the market. Some watches also issue SOS notifications, notifying the parents about any unusual activity of their kids.

Other watches also incorporate the two way calling feature through which the parents and the kids can communicate with one another.

Other than the basic features of security, the watches have functions for entertainment purposes as well. Some watches come with a pedometer and health tracker, others have games in them and there are a few that have a camera too.

Parental control features and gravity sensors are popular options in terms of kids smartwatch
features as well. All in all, it is a good investment to stay in touch and keep an eye on kids that are not old enough to be handed over a smartphone.

Children Smartwatch Kids Reviews

Here is a selection of kids smartwatch phone products that are easily available in the market and are a top choice of majority of parents due to their commendable features and functions:

Kids Smart Watch With LBS for boys and girls

The Kids Smart Watch for boys and girls is a smartwatch that is known for its versatile set of features. It is a watch that will keep both the parents as well as the kids satisfied and content.

LBS: The Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls has LBS based tracking system that helps the parents keep an eye on their kid’s whereabouts. The parents can determine a safety area for the kids and as soon as they step out of that zone, the parents are notified via the mobile app notification.

Do Not Disturb Hours: In terms of parental control, parents have the liberty to set Do Not Disturb hours on the watch during which all the other features except telling the time will be disabled for the kids. A mobile app can be paired with the watch to control its functionality as well as to receive notifications.

The watch is a good choice because it comes with a SOS button which adds an enhanced sense of security. Up to three numbers can be contacted in case of an emergency and the way calling facility also helps the parents stay in touch with their children.

High Quality Camera: A camera is also installed in the watch. This not only keeps the children happy but the remote camera feature also allows the parents to use the watches’ camera. The screen of the watch is colourful and the perfect size at 1.44 inches so that the kids can enjoy their captured pictures later.

Entertainment: The kids will also love this watch as it comes with a limit of three Math games that can be set up as well as a camera and an alarm. The style and design of the watch is attractive as well.


  • Supports SOS emergency call.
  • Voice chat supported.
  • Two way call.
  • Stylish in appearance.


  • Lacks fitness features such as a pedometer or calorie counter.
  • It only supports 2G

Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kids Smartwatch 

Who said that a kids smart watch had to be simple and boring. The Cosmo Smart Watch GPS Tracker is surely an attractive product that has coupled both functionality as well as style and attractive design into one.

With commendable features and yet a stylish build, this product is surely a popular choice in the market.

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GPS Tracker: An amazing feature about the Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker is the fact that it incorporated 4G GPS tracking system. This obviously enhances the accuracy of the location of the children and is a sigh of relief for parents as they can be certain about their kid’s location.

App And Surveillance: The parents can take charge of the watches’ functionality as it is paired with an app. The app can be used to set features such as adding ten contact numbers to be contacted in case of an emergency, remote monitor feature so parents can see and listen to their kids as well as setting the In Active Hours during which the features of the watch will be unavailable for the kids.

The app can also be used to setup a safe area which is safe for the children. In case they move out of this zone, the parents are notified via the app. The app is compatible with both Android as well as IOS mobile phones.

Remote Monitor And Camera: The Smartwatch does come with a camera that the kids can use to capture beautiful pictures. The pictures taken are saved in the photo album on the watch.

Other than this, the camera is also an aid for the remote monitor mode as it provides the parents with a live video stream of their kid’s activities at that moment.

All in all, this product is an excellent choice and is surely one of the best kids smartwatch 2021 due to its wide range of features and functions that are useful for both the parents as well as for the kids.


  • Touch screen camera makes it easier to capture photos.
  • 5 colours: black, blue, violet, orange and pink.
  • Supports two way calls and voice chat.
  • SIM can be used to make and receive calls.
  • Works on both Android and iOs.


  • In the app, there are some alerts spelled incorrectly or just inconsistent with what the alert is.

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Laxcido 4G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch Review

When looking for a smartwatch to ensure the safety of children, the Laxcido 4G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch is a good choice. It is a multipurpose watch that is great for a number of reasons.

From 4G WiFi Phone Calling feature to the GPS tracking system, every aspect is commendable about this product.

Route Track And GPS: This kids gps tracker watch makes use of GPS tracking system to provide the parents with real time information about the location of their children. This is 4G LTE GPS watch, it can support 3G and 4G Network. Laxcido 4G GPS watch can work in USA very well, and GPS tracking accurate is really good!

The highlight of this smartwatch is the ability to note down past locations via GPS for the past 3 months (historical route track). This can also help in tracking a footprint route track of your child. It will help you know where your kids go when you’re not with them.

Electric Fence Alarm: The watch is capable of serving as a geofence watch. Meaning, that it will trigger an alarm when your kid leaves the safe space that you have programmed in the watch.

Safety Features: Unfortunately, this product does not have as many parental control features as compared to the other watches discussed in this article. The parents can set up emergency contact information, silent hours and safe area for the watch bearer only.

The watch is paired with a mobile app but the mobile app is only a source of keeping the parents informed and does not provide them much control over the functionality of the watch.

Supports 4G Wifi: The watch can be connected with 4G WiFi connection. Other than the basic GPS tracking system, counting steps, setting alarms, capturing pictures and voice chat is also supported by this product.

Camera: The Laxcido 4G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smartwatch has a camera that can be used for the purpose of remote monitoring and to take pictures. The kids can use their watch’s camera to capture pictures and save them in their watch.

When used for the purpose of remote monitoring, the camera allows the parents to see a real time video stream of their children and monitor their activities.

Youtube Tutorials: Another worth mentioning fact about this product is the fact that detailed Youtube tutorials teaching how to set up and use the watch. A customer support team is also available to tend to the queries of the customers.


  • Available in various colours.
  • Works with a SIM.
  • Supports SOS emergency call, voice chat and step counter.
  • Supports a SIM for calls.
  • IP67 Waterproof


  • You should ensure to adjust the GPS settings in a way that optimizes battery.

TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smartwatch Universal Kids SmartWatch

Kids love to run about and play. During different activities, they sweat and sometimes also get wet. The TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G Universal Kids Smart Watch is a product that bears this in mind and is a waterproof product that is highly recommended for tracking the real time location of kids.

Face Video Talk: This smartwatch is popular for the 2 way video calling feature it offers. You can enjoy a high quality video resolution of 800×480 dpi.

Wifi Connectivity: With this smart watch, you won’t have to pay extra for data plans because it supports WIFI connectivity.

Chat Options: There aren’t many smartwatches out there that offer good chatting features but this one. It features a new and improved instant message center where you can connect with an individual or with a group of people using the smartwatch. Another amazing trait in this smartwatch are the preset messages that your kid can send right away. These messages are: “I’ve reached school”, “I’m on the bus”, “I’ll call you later” etc.

GPS Feature: The TickTalk 4 watch is based on GPS. The kids location and whereabouts are monitored through GPS tracking and the information is shared with the parents through a 4G connection. It can be connected to the WiFi and this connection can also be used for making video calls.

The 4G receptors also enhance the accuracy and speed of the locator thus improving the overall efficiency of the product by a significant factor.

SOS: It can be rightfully stated that the TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G Universal Kids Smart Watch is not suitable for kids of very small age. The watch does not allow any parental control features and is basically a form of a smartphone in the form of a watch.

The product does come with an app to track the location of the kids and also has the SOS button feature, but the parents are not in control of the watch. This product gives most of the liberty of use to the kids wearing the watch.

An SOS button is installed on the right side of the watch. Once pressed, it notifies the parents that the kid may be in danger. The color of the button is red and the placement is perfect so the kids can reach out to it whenever needed.

Camera: The watch also has a camera that can be used to take pictures and also make video calls. A two way calling and messaging feature is also supported by the watch so that the parents can remain in contact with their children no matter where they are.


  • Waterproof.
  • Supports video, voice and WiFi.
  • Works as a locator and helps find your kid’s live location.
  • Contains a nylon wrist band that looks super stylish.


  • Battery drains a bit faster.

New Apple Watch SE (cellular, 40mm)

The Apple Watch SE is the most expensive smartwatch on this list. But a glimpse on its features and functions clearly indicates why it is a good investment. A 4-bit dual-core S5 processor (up to 2x faster than S3) paired with accurate GPS tracking and a subtle yet eye catching design makes it a popular choice amongst both parents and kids.

Heartbeat Tracking: If you are super concerned about your child’s well-being then Apple Watch SE smart watch can be of great help. It features a unique optical heart sensor that monitors the wearer’s heartbeat.

Super Fast: There’s no chance of this smartwatch getting hung or showing slow speed
because it is integrated with a super fast dual core processor. You will experience smooth apps,
functions and an overall amazing experience.

Swimproof: If your kid is a swimming enthusiast then this watch can do wonders. It is swim
proof and can be immersed in water without any worries. Moreover, it can help gauge the
heartbeat of your kid while he/she is swimming.

GPS Tracking: The tracking system of the watch is based on GPS signals. The watch can be paired with any iPhone directly or a separate cellular network can also be used for the watch separately. You can always know where your kid is thanks to Apple’s Find My Friend feature.

Discreet Camera: The watch does come with a camera and the good thing about the camera is that it is not bulging or prominently visible on the watch. The camera is smartly installed as a part of the screen. The picture quality of the camera is commendable and it can be used for both taking pictures as well as to make video calls.

Walkie-talkie: With the walkie-talkie feature, talking to your kids is as simple as pushing a button on your watch.

Unique Functions: Some of the commendable features that make the product extremely attractive and popular are the optical heart sensor as well as the accelerometer and the gyroscope.

Is the Apple Watch for kids? Whether it’s the ideal choice for your kid depends on your budget, your kids age (nor recommended for kids 12 and under) and if you want to encourage a healthy living.

Buying Guide Kids’ Smartwatches

Before you decide to buy a smartwatch for your kid, it is essential that you weigh all the options
and then opt for the product that best suits your child’s needs. This buying guide will help you
with that.

Parental Controls

This feature is one of the most important ones if you wish to keep tabs on your kid. It involves knowing about the whereabouts of your kid, places he/she has been, and getting notifications by binding the watch with your smartphone with an app.

Moreover, the SOS feature is an integral feature of this watch that serves as a quick means of
alarm. Apart from that, the watch should have the tendency to call, video call or text someone.

Fitness Features

Not all the smartwatches might have fitness features but it’s good to have them. Some of the most common fitness features include tracking footprints and monitoring the heartbeat of your kid.


Two of the most noteworthy options in a kids smartwatch are GPS and LBS tracking. LBS feature uses mobile signals to track the location of your kid while he’s wearing the

While GPS tracking is more reliable as it uses satellites to pinpoint the smartwatch’s location.


A camera is necessary to have in a smartwatch as it allows parents to make video calls and see if their kid is okay. Furthermore, a high quality camera will entertain your kids as they take photos of their friends and surroundings.

Applications And Games

What good a smartwatch would be if it lacks the features of entertainment and creative functions. Keeping that in mind, try to look for a smartwatch that works with apps such as monitoring apps, alarms, to do list apps, step counter etc.

As far as entertainment is concerned, a few games won’t hurt.

Difference Between Smartwatch and Smartband

Smart watch for kids VTech Kidizoom

Smartwatches are more like smartphones since they have a complex system compared to wristbands.

We’d say that smartwatches reign supreme over smart bands because they offer better interactivity, larger screen and touch screen feasibility as well.

For example, if we consider VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX which is a smartwatch without GPS tracker or phone and Garmin Vivofit Jr.3 which happens to be a smart band, Vtech smartwatch is more preferable because of its reliability and longevity. However, the features among both are almost similar except for a few like Vivotech supports apps while Vtech doesn’t.

If you are looking for a Garmin smartwach with GPS for your teen, it should be one like Garmin Vivoactive 4s.

At the end of the day, it depends upon what your kid wants. If he/she is into stylish stretchy bands then Vivofit is a good choice. However, if you want more features and reliability then Vtech is a smart option to go for.

These are our top picks for the best smart watches with gps for kids. We hope you’ll find something that will suit your needs and make your kids happy!

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