Dash robot Wonder Workshop – Coding Robot for Kids 6+Dash is an educational robot for children. Fun, programmable and interactive, your child will acquire his first notions of programming. With a very striking design, friendly and with a huge eye to make it more human, Dash is focused on children between 5 and 12 years. Its creators are Wonder Workshop, a small California company focused on children learn to program and STEAM skills through the game. Do you want to know Dash a little better?

Dash, the off-road robot to learn to program

Dash works great both in the classroom and at home as it has an educational profile but at the same time leisure. Only its appearance and color already transmits good vibes and games. Also for the accessories and aesthetics of the apps you will see that it is quite gamified and they have wanted to make it fun.

Dash is in more than 20,000 schools. Wonder Workshop, its manufacturer, promotes the community a lot through the website and social networks. They offer tutorials, competitions between schools and after-school centers, clubs (you can register yours here), a forum, project ideas, contests, the inventor of the month … It also offers training and material for schools.

Meet Dash…

Of android appearance and with a huge eye that moves what makes it even more charming. Dash also has wheels to move around. It is already assembled and ready to play (parts can not be separated). Does not need batteries.

It is the ideal toy to start with robotics with younger children who can not stand previous assembly hours typical of a robotics kit. It’s opening the box and letting the fun begin (as with Botley or Code & Go Robot Mouse).

Dash is controlled with a mobile device via Bluetooth. Once you start with the apps, you see that it has games and challenges for hours (increasingly complicated), introduces robotics and the principles of block programming to children and promotes the game collaborative, computational thinking and creativity. Do not doubt that with Dash children will learn by playing.

Applications and accessories

Wonder Workshop bets heavily on Dash and all its universe of products and related material. Careful and thoughtful design, includes 5 apps to play for hours with frequent updates, compatible with Lego and other accessories sold separately. Here we talk about all the applications and accessories (from Lego adapters, a catapult or a xylophone to create music).

A robot for many years.

Here we do not talk about the quality finishes or if it will withstand many hits (which we think so) but the age range. Dash is recommended as of 5/6 years but with children of about 4 years old and collaboration of parents can start playing. And being very very evolutionary, children will have fun with this robot from 4 to 12 years. Therefore, a very good option whether you have children of various ages or if you are looking for an educational and intelligent robot that will last for years.

Do you want bring robot Dash at home?

The robot Dash is one of the most complete educational robots for children we know so that children from 6 years old discover robotics and programming. Now it also comes in Spanish.

A great STEAM toy for home and enhance skills such as art, programming, creativity and mathematics. The basic kit of the Dash robot includes the robot, a USB charging cable and two brick extensions to play with Lego.

And what happened to Dot? The intelligent robot has become independent

Dot Creativity Kit PackagingInitially, Dash and Dot was a set set with two robots. The Dot robot we knew so far (blue) has been renewed, has become independent, has changed color (now it is green) and sold separately. They have added a pack of activities and complementary material and is great as an independent robot. A great success! By the way, you can continue playing with the two robots together as they interact with each other.

Dot does not have wheels to move around but you can do many things with it. Dot factory has pre-installed 3 games: Magic Dot Ball, Dot of Music and Light Sword that use their hearing sensors, eyepieces and speaker and work with the orange buttons on the top of the robot.

The best of Dot Creativity Set:

  • interact with the Dash robot.
  • transform it into a Magic 8 Ball.
  • Includes 20 cards with activities, costumes and stickers to customize it.
  • It is compatible with Wonder, Blockly & Go applications.
  • promote at home the collaborative game between brothers or friends. While one controls Dash, the other directs Dot. So nobody gets bored and is not touching buttons.
  • as a pet to take her for a walk. Ideal as a travel toy because it is very light and can be hung with the hook included among the accessories. Yes, you also have to take the tablet.

Dash compatibility with smartphones and tablets

Like many other robots, Dash and Dot Creativty Set are handled through a mobile device via Bluetooth. Here is the list of tablets and mobiles recommended by Wonder Workshop. Among them, our favorite;)

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