Kano Anyone Can Make Kano is a computing company that revolutionized the market with a computer that anyone can make, they created do-it-yourself computers kits for kids easy to build. Its founder, Alex Klein, encourages children to research, build and program their own computer. “Our kits and software give all ages, all over the world, the power to create technology, not just consume it”

In 2013, Kano launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $100,000 in a month for his first Kano Computer Kit. They ended up raising $1.5 million.

Kano - Make your own computer - Plug together bits, boards, buttons and cablesWith Kano DIY kits, you will find something for everyone in your family: child, teen or adult. From creating and programming a computer, build and coding a Harry Potter magic band, making a touchscreen tablet or a pixel kit to create more colorful gadgets. Everything with Kano is about creativity, invention and learning as you make. All very customizable, combinable and with pieces that fit easily between them. Age range? If you can read, you can start.

Kano Pixel kit

Kano Pixel KitIt is the most colorful and cheerful kit. You’ll use it to animate sound, data, games, art elements, to play with light… Pixel Kit includes 128 LED lights to create multiple combinations, you can play with 16 million colors. Just follow the book to create the Pixel Board, connect it to your computer and start coding, step-by-step. Connect blocks, light it up, and see the effects instantly. You can code with Blocks or Javascript. With the inbuilt microphone you can make your lights dance to the music, bounce to beats or change colors when you speak.

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Kano Computer Kit

Kano Computer Kit - Make a computer to learn code and playAlmost everything you could need to create a computer in a box. It’s a real computer (Raspberry 3 based) and real coding. Assembling is fun and easy, perfect for beginners. After that you have a working computer: YouTube, browsing the Internet, playing games, creating music or coding. Also the kit includes learning projects, so you will learn to code, to play with technology and to create something new. No screen included but the Computer Kit works with almost any TV or monitor with an HDMI connection and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.

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Kano Computer Touch Kit (create a tablet)

Kano Computer Kit tablet touch | Make your own tablet
The Computer Kit Touch is a tablet you can build for yourself.  All the parts you need along with a detailed instruction book to follow step-by-step. Do you want your child discover how touchscreen technology works? Kano Computer Touch Kit has a motherboard (again, Raspeberry 3 based), a battery, a speaker, a microphone, a keyboard and a 10” touchscreen. For tech specs and FAQ just visit Kano website. Similar to the previous one but you end up with a complete computer with a screen (tablet sized, but don’t expect it to be slim!) so you won’t need to provide a TV or monitor.

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Kano Motion Sensor Kit

Kano Motion Sensor Kit - Coding Kit with infrared sensorMake some noise, build games with movement. Just connect the pieces, plug it in, learn to code in simple steps and control your creations with your hand (or nose or butt, there is no limit!). The Kano Motion Sensor Kit lets you build an infrared sensor that detects distance and direction.

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Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Kano Harry Potter Kano coding kit | Build a wand, code and make magicFollow the simple steps and Build a coding wand that responds to your movements, Learn to code with 70+ step-by-step challenges (loops, logic and variables, from beginners to advanced minds), Make magic with a wave and a twirl and Play on tablet & computer iOS, Android, Mac & PC. An amazing STEAM toy. Perfect for all Harry Potter’s fans.

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Why are we in love with Kano Kits?

Kano Computer Kit - Follow the book and build a tablet page-by-page, all by yourself

  • Each kit includes a super well explained book with simple steps of how the different elements and sensors are built, assembled and then programmed. Just follow the book and build a tablet, computer or any gadget page-by-page, all by yourself! Then, code and play.
  • A mix of learning, following instructions and creativity. Kano kits have a building goal and you should follow theinstructions (and be happy with your new creation!). But don’t stop there, you can actually make hundreds of projects with the parts included in the box and the programming. There are no limits.
  • All kits are connected via wireless to any computer. Pieces and sensors can be combined to create more projects, toys and tools. With a bit of code you can customize it to do what you want.
  • Create your own toys, empower your kid. Ask yourself, what can you or your child do with a DIY computer that he does not do with a normal one? The pleasure of building your own toys or gadgets and understanding how they work. This is an amazing gift in itself.
  • There is a Kano community to be inspired, check the code behind any creation and remix it to make it your own.

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