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Bots Bits and Kids writers own many of the products featured on this site and use them with our families, we will indicate when this is the case. We also manage to get hands-on with additional products whenever possible. You should not assume that we own a featured product unless stated. We sometimes receive review samples of products. We appreciate this as it allows us to cover more products for our readers. We cannot guarantee we will review every product sent to us. If we choose to feature a product that has been provided for review then it will get the same treatment as a product that we purchased. We can’t return review samples whether we have written a review or not.

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We could talk about cool kids and family coding projects that are trying to raise funds through crowdfunding. You should be aware that there is a risk to backing crowdfunded projects. Even if the project is funded it may fail. There is no guarantee that you will receive the rewards you selected when you backed the project. Please make sure you understand how crowdfunding works before you decide to back a project, however cool it might sound. You should also check that crowdfunded products have achieved relevant safety certifications.

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Age Suitability

We will sometimes indicate an age that we feel a particular product or activity is appropriate for in terms of interest, themes and safety. All children are different so this will just be a guideline. You must decide whether an activity is safe and suitable for the children in your care.

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